About Us

Indian National Suggestion Scemes’ Association (INSSAN) is a non-profit making registered association of industrial and business organisations dedicated to the promotion of Suggestion Scemes as any process or system that elicits the contributions of Employees within an organisation through suggestion/ ideas for effective Employee Involvement towards increasing organisational competitiveness and productivity.

Founded under the assumption of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry on April 04, 1987, the INSSAN today has a membership of over 550 organisations representing a cross section of Indian Industry. The Association has its own Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Rules and Regulations under it. It is registered under the Societies Act. 1860 on 17th November, 1987.

INSSAN achieves its mission by assisting its member organisations to enhance their employees potential by.

  • Gathering and disseminating information, statistics and relevant materials about suggestion Scemes.
  • Developing professional standards and designing training programs for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of Suggestion Scemes.
  • Conducting training cum consultancy programmes for the benefit of organisations striving towards excellence through employee involvement.
  • Providing an opportunity for members to meet and exchange information, ideas and to share experiences through Workshops, Annual Conventions, etc.
  • Recognising excellence in Suggestion Scemes and encouraging formation of local INSSAN Chapters.