The author will have his own personal ideas or opinions on the above theme.The subject must be clearly defined. It should have his individuality in it. The essay should express his own views and experience. Let there be a note of sincerity in all that the author writes. The essay should project suitable subject matter,proper arrangement and adequate power of expression. It should clearly explain the relationships of each word in the theme given above and it’s collective result which terminates into the expected successes. Actual examples out of experiments made by author himself should be highlighted and should be part of the essay. Mere mention of somebody elses’ results or opinions of other’s will not be carrying any weightage. Author’s own efforts will carry higher weightages. How the innovation is driven and made part & parcel of system of organisation’s working has to come out clearly from the essay.


  • The essay should be limited to 3000-5000 words.
  • The essay should be typed on A4 size paper with clear margins on both sides and should be typed on one side only (not back to back).
  • Language : Either English or Hindi
  • It should be an original creation of the author.
  • Avoid participating with an earlier awarded essay.
    • Self declaration is a must to that effect.
    • Eligibility: As mentioned for Poster and Slogan Contest.
    • Awards: As mentioned for Poster and Slogan Contest.
    • Other rules and conditions are same as Poster and Slogan Contest.
    • Only award winners will be communicated the result of the contest.