Organisation has to submit following data while nominating the Evaluator of their Organisation.

Name of the Organisation:__________________________________________________________________

Membership Number of the Organisation:_____________________________________________________

Address of the Organisation:_______________________________________________________________

Tel. / Fax/ E-mail details of Contact Person:______________________________________________

Details of the ‘Best Evaluator’ Nominee –

Name of the Evaluator:_____________________________________________________________________


Qualification & Designation:_______________________________________________________________

Nature of Work/ Responsibility:____________________________________________________________

Is he eligible to participate in your Suggestion Scheme: Yes / No

How long has he been evaluating: < 2 years 5 years 10 years 7 to 10 years or more

  • No. of Suggestions received through him:
  • No. of Suggestions received by him for Evaluation:
  • No. of Suggestions evaluated out of above :
  • No. of Suggestions accepted out of the total evaluated suggestions in number:
  • Savings achieved through Pt. No. 4 above in Rs. :
  • No. of Suggestions pending for evaluation out of No. of Suggestions received as referred in Pt. 2 in Nos. :
  • Average clearance time in days taken by him for evaluation of suggestions received for evaluation in Pt. 2 above:
  • No. of Suggestions implemented out of total evaluated as referred in Pt. No. 4:
  • Selected Best Evaluator will be informed in advance and they have to make presentations for 10 minutes during Convention mentioning above facts & best practices on evaluation criteria, if any. Presentations would also carry weightage for final Award.
  • This is for recognising and appreciating individual evaluators’ efforts. Hence please give only his/her own performance details.

I certify that-
(i) The information furnished above is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.
(ii) The company is nominating the above candidature for this contest.

Place: Stamp :Name & Sign. of the Principal Nominee