To highlight one or more motivating aspects of Suggestion Scheme and other Employee Involvement processes and it’s benefits to the Organisation and it’s employees.


  • An individual employee of a Member Organisation.

  • First, Second and Third Prize.
  • Merit Awards may also be considered at the discretion of the Awards Committee.
  • A Commendation Certificate will also be given with each of the above Awards.

  • Maximum number of entries based on the number of Employees in the Organisation
    Less than 2500 employees : 4 entries
    2501-5000 : 6 entries
    5001-10000 : 8 entries
    Above 10000 : 10 entries
  • Poster should be painted with Sketch Pen or Brush on 50 cms. x 38 cms. 130 gsm (white coloured) paper or mounted board. Only three flat colours are permitted.
  • A margin of 2.5 cms. from 3 sides and 5 cms. from bottom should be drawn. (In other words – the design area should not be more than 42.5 cms. x 33 cms.)
  • It can feature a caption in English or Hindi.
  • Note: An earlier, already awarded Poster in any contest will not be considered.


    Rules and guidelines applicable to both contests are:

    • The entry should be an original work of the entrant and should not be a copy (either in full or part) of any other publication.
    • The entries will be evaluated by the Awards Committee.
    • The decision of the Committee in respect to award etc. will be final and binding to all concerned.
    • All entries are the property of INSSAN and it will have the right to make use of them in a manner deemed fit.
    • Entries received after the closing date or not meeting the conditions specified will be rejected.
    • No correspondence or query with regard to any entry will be entertained.
    • Entries should be forwarded under a covering note indicating:
      • Name of the Organisation.
      • Membership Number of the Organisation.
      • Address, Telephone, Fax Number and E-mail ID.
      • Number of Entries (separately for Poster & Slogans).
      • Name and Signature of the Principal Nominee along with a “Declaration” on the reverse of each entry.
        The format of the Declaration is as follows:


        (To be featured on the reverse of each entry)

        I hereby certify that the Poster / Slogan proposed for the Contest is my Original creation and has not been entered earlier for any other competition. I have read the rules of the contest and the decision of the judges appointed by INSSAN will be final and binding on me.

      Applicant Principal Nominee
  • Only the Award winners will be communicated the result of the contest.
  • Corporate members who have not renewed their membership will also be eligible to participate provided the outstandings are settled in full.
  • The contest will be valid subject to the receipt of a minimum of twenty-five entries.