INSSAN AWARD for Excellence in Suggestion Scheme is awarded to organisations who have achieved highest levels of employee involvement and excellence through suggestion scheme.


  • All Corporate Members of INSSAN

Member Organisations participating in the contests for the Awards will be grouped into different
categories based on the criteria to be determined by an Awards Committee appointed by the Managing
Council of INSSAN.

The grouping is based on the number of entries received. The decision of the Awards Committee is final and binding to all contesting organisations.

This facilitates evaluation of performance within a comparable group based on certain performance parameters.


Awards are constituted for each group

  • The first prize carries a Trophy together with a GOLD CERTIFICATE of Commendation.
  • The Runner-up prize consists of a Trophy together with a SILVER CERTIFICATE of merit.
  • The Awards Committee may consider a CERTIFICATE OF MERIT for the second runner-up.
  • Where desirable ,a Merit Award may also be considered.

The Awards committee may consider recommending a special Awards/ to Service Organisations subject to receipt of minimum number of entries.

For this purpose, service organisation is defined as one that renders service but does not produce a tangible commodity, for example Banks, Marketing and Sales organisations etc.


The Awards Committee will determine the criteria for evaluation.

The performance will be evaluated based on the following principles-

  • Factors representing Employee Commitment. e.g. Number of Suggestions received, Number of Employees participating.
  • Factors indicating Management Commitment. e.g. Suggestions accepted, implemented, rewarded, benefits shared and processing lead time.
  • Results achieved e.g. Savings Realised, Suggestions implemented.

  • Application must be made in the prescribed form (as given on next Page No. 9 & 10). Incomplete and incorrect applications will be rejected.
  • The awards will be determined based on information provided by the applicant. It is the responsibility of the Principal Nominee – member of the Organisation concerned to ensure correctness of information furnished. However, in cases of exceptional data, a visit by the member of the Awards Committee will be made for verification.
  • If required, members of the Awards Committee may visit the units of the contestants to acquaint themselves with the Company’s Suggestion Scheme.
  • The decision of the Awards Committee is final and binding on the contestants.
  • No appeal of whatsoever nature will be entertained with respect to awards given to any Organisation.
  • Wherever necessary INSSAN will make use of the information furnished for furthering its objectives. Member Organisations which have not paid their dues and subscription are also eligible to contest, provided the outstanding dues are settled in full in advance along with the application.
  • Non reporting of information in the Application Form, the applicant will not get any evaluation points for those parameters and the Awards Committee may reject the application itself and no communication will be entertained by Awards Committee.
  • Only ONE copy of the Organisation’s Suggestion Scheme Manual should be enclosed with the Application for Contests.
  • Only the Award winning Organisations will be communicated the result of the contest.
  • Each organisations contest entry should carry Company’s Name / Email Id and Cell phone number.


Rules and guidelines applicable to Excellence contests are :

  • The entries will be evaluated by the Awards Committee.
  • The decision of the Committee in respect to award etc. will be final and binding to all concerned.
  • All entries are the property of Inssan and it will have the right to make use of them in a manner deemed fit.
  • Entries received after the closing date or not meeting the conditions specified will be rejected.
  • No correspondence or query with regard to any entry will be entertained.
  • Entries should be forwarded under a covering note indicating :
    • Name of the Organisation
    • INSSAN Membership Number
    • Address, Telephone and Fax Number
    • Number of entries
    • Name and signature of the Principal Nominee.
  • Entries should be accompanied with a copy of the Organisation’s Suggestion Scheme manual.
  • Corporate member who have not renewed their membership will also be eligible to participate provided the outstandings are settled in full.