Contest & Awards

To recognise excellence in Suggestion Scheme, INSSAN organises every year a number of contests at National level. We firmly believe that success in Suggestion Scheme requires recognising and encouraging employee involvement efforts at all levels in the organisation to achieve the Ultimate Goal. Consequently it becomes imperative to recognise the different target groups within the organisation who have a distinct role to play in making the scheme a resounding success. For example, the “Suggestors”, primarily the workmen. Provide inputs to the scheme; the “Suggestion Scheme Committee” is responsible for overall scheme effectiveness; the Scheme Administrators provide the operational support and finally the top Management Provides the vision and patronage.
The various contests conducted by INSSAN aim to recognise contribution of these distinct groups who are in fact “Partners” in realising the effectiveness of the Suggestion Scheme

INSSAN Contests Target Group
Excellence in Suggestion Scheme Organisation
Best Technical Paper For Scheme Managers and Administrators,Sr. and Middle level Managers, For Suggestors (Workmen)
Poster Individuals (Primarily the suggestors)
Slogan – English and Hindi Individuals (Primarily the Suggestors)
Best Suggestor Individuals (Primarily the suggestors)
Best Evaluator Individuals (Nominated by Orgnisation)
Best Suggestion Individuals (No entries required, will be picked upfrom Sr. No. 5 by the Committee)
Best Presentation Individuals (No entries required,will be judged on the spot)
Best Exhibit Display of implemented suggestion/ idea
Best Essay Individuals (Primarily the Suggestors)
Best Poem / Jingle Individuals (Primarily the Suggestors)
Best Chapter Chapter
Best Organisation Organisation

The details of contests as well as the procedure for enrolment are provided in the following pages.The winners will be awarded and felicitated at the 25thAnnual Convention of INSSAN on 17th January 2015.