Suggestion Schemes as a process or system for employee contribution through suggestion/ ideas has firmly established place in many successful and well known organisations in India and abroad. An effective Suggestion Scheme can serve as a powerful tool in productive movement and also medium for fostering a participative culture in organisation. In line with the changing trends in Employee Involvement process and system.
Suggestion Schemes have undergone a transformation from the traditional ones in terms of its purpose, philosophy, structure, participation and recognition. They are now focused on specific operational improvements, and recognise tangible and intangible contributions from both individuals or teams. They coexist in harmony with other Employee Involvement programmes. Today’s Suggestion Schemes are viewed as platforms for channelising employee initiatives organisational objectives rather than a mere ‘Scheme’, a set of rules and rewards.

  • INSSAN is the professional support network dedicated to assisting organisations to create, maintain and reinforce their Employees Suggestion Scheme.
  • INSSAN is managed by a team of Suggestion Scheme Practitioners with hands on experience and is the only Indian Professional Body in this field.
  • INSSAN works with organisations in all areas of Indian Industry both in the private and public arena in manufacturing, financial and services sector, and it maintains close links with sister associations overseas.
  • INSSAN operates a country wide consultancy services providing guidance and advice relating to the implementation and development of Employee Involvement Programmes.
  • The importance of Ideas & Programmes as part of business strategy.
  • The complimentary relationship of Suggestion Schemes and other important Employee Involvement Programmes
  • The value of recognition as a motivator in Employee Involvement.
  • INSSAN achieves this country wide network through the Chapters from Jamshedpur, Delhi, Pune, Aurangabad and Tamil Nadu .